We are bombarded every single day with potential threats to our health: an endless number of new virus strains in the air, bacteria contaminating our food, parasites in our water, etc. Add to that the growing number of man-made threats to our health. These may come in the form of toxins in our air, pesticide residues in our food and hazardous chemicals spilling into our water supply.
Your Defense For Today's Unhealthy World
Our immune system soldiers
Our immune system is like an army mobilizing defenses for a battle. The first task of our immune militia is to distinguish “self” from “non-self”; that is, what belongs inside your system and what does not.
Our immune system has many, many complex and amazing components. The scientific and medical communities estimate that our knowledge of the immune system doubles about every three years! We are still discovering fascinating functions of human immunity. Here is what we can be sure of: we cannot survive without an intact - and intelligent! - immune system. It must be capable of eliminating any invader and promoting our recovery to full health.
Your immune system is the great harmonizer between the world inside your body and the world outside. Many scientists believe that the immune system may also be the “mind-body connection,” the communication system that changes the health of our body in relationship to our values, thoughts and feelings.
Just as an orchestra has sections, such as strings, brass, woodwind and percussion, the immune system has divisions. The first, important division is “active” versus “passive” immunity.
Passive immunity includes barrier protection like your skin as well as surface resistance from bacteria on our skin, in our sinuses, lungs, digestive system and reproductive system. All mucous membranes work to filter what is supposed to come into our body and what should stay out.
Active immunity includes two further divisions called “adaptive” and “innate.” The word innate describes something you were born with rather than something acquired along the way. The innate immune system is not really specific; it reacts in whatever way is needed at the time - like the musician that plays multiple instruments. Our adaptive immune system “goes to school” to adapt or adjust to its environment. It is very specific, often doing only one thing to contribute to harmony. Elements of our immune system can learn from experience and help us adapt to changing circumstances.
Health is true resilience, the ability to respond to any threat we face!

Illness is really a lack of resilience. It is a disharmony produced by trauma or injury, microbes and toxins from inside or outside our body, deficiencies in vital elements, and toxic emotional distress.
Helper T-cells - The fight to protect us is engineered by Helper T-cells. A partner for the
Helper T-cell is the Natural Killer cell.
Natural Killer (NK) T-cells - NKs are the assassins that isolate and eliminate the enemy
invaders. This engagement is well organized according to a brilliant, yet flexible, battle plan
written in our DNA.
Cells called lymphocytes are like the Special Forces of the immune system army. Lymphocytes produce antibodies specifically for a particular infection or contaminant. There are two principal kinds of lymphocytes:
When our immune system is strong, we are strong - and we feel strong. Yes, our immune system contributes to how we feel at any given moment, day or night. Achieve wellness, restore harmony and support your most important immune system cells - Helper T-cells and Natural Killer cells - as they read the DNA battle plan and execute the strategy of protecting life and health.
Protect and Power Up Your Immune System
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